Journal :: Review of Development Economics

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Egert Balázs, Morales-Zumaquero Amalia, Jiménez-Rodríguez Rebeca, (2013), « "Business Cycle Synchronization between Euro Area and C entral and E astern E uropean C ountries », Review of Development Economics, vol.17, n°2, pp.379-395.
Egert Balázs, Morales-Zumaquero Amalia, (2008), « Exchange rate regimes, foreign exchange volatility and export performance in Central and Eastern Europe: Just another blur project? », Review of Development Economics, vol.12, n°3, pp.577-593.
Couharde Cécile, Le Van Cuong, Luong Thai Bai, (2006), « The Determination of the Equilibrium Exchange Rate in a Simple General Equilibrium Model », Review of Development Economics, vol.10, n°3, pp.504-515.
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