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Julien Ludovic A., Musy Olivier, (2015), « A Review of Heinrich von Stackelberg’s Book: “Market Structure and Equilibrium” », Australian Economic Papers, vol.54, n°1, pp.52-60.
Jouvet Pierre-André, Etner Johanna, Jeleva Meglena, (2009), « Pessimism or optimism: a justification to voluntary contributions toward environmental quality », Australian Economic Papers, vol., n°, pp.0-0.
Jouvet Pierre-André, Rotillon Gilles, Michel Philippe, (2007), « Firm's Characteristic and Equilibrium With Tradable Permits » », Australian Economic Papers, vol.46, n°2, pp.109-203.
Jouvet Pierre-André, Etner Johanna, (2000), « Investment choice with polluted capital », Australian Economic Papers, vol., n°, pp.0-0.
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